Sorry and thanks and Merry Christmas!

I think that’s the correct order. So sorry for not being able to make things happen faster. So thankful for your love, support and patience. And best of all, Merry Christmas! I have two things I’d like to be sure you see. First the offer for getting a free CD if you buy an DVD now: Second, the note I posted on Facebook: hey guys. to all of you who bought the “Upside Down 2016 DVD”… thank
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Jesus Is Coming Soon!!!

Jesus, as played by Andre McRae, is coming soon! Our DVD is just about here… really. You Facebook guys can keep your eyes on https://www.facebook.com/groups/upsidedownmusical2016/ or https://www.facebook.com/upsidedowntheatre/?fref=ts  and if you haven’t  hit ‘like’ yet, please, c’mon! And please keep your eyes on https://www.upsidedowntheatre.com . That’s where you can find your D
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The Attempt: Day 1

attempt |əˈtem(p)t| verb [ with obj. ] make an effort to achieve or complete (something, typically a difficult task or action): she attempted a comeback in 2016; try to climb to the top of (a mountain); the group’s next plan was to attempt Everest. noun an act of trying to achieve something, typically one that is unsuccessful or not certain to succeed: an effort to surpass a record or conquer a mountain: we mad
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UPSIDEDOWN 2016! ferrara theater, st. louis… cool theater!

next year the ‘little’ musical sherwin and i wrote will be 29 years old. we’ve been invited to revive the show and produce 5 performances at the ferarra theater in st. louis during the summer of 2016. we first wrote and staged the show in 1987. over 4 hours long, we only had two live performances in boston at the famous, and ancient, boston opera house. we videotaped a matinee and evening show live
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