A Play for a Purpose

I do two different performances in order to raise money to cover the expenses of Lisa’s cancer treatment. Checks are made out to the Portland church who in turn cover all of the expenses for Lisa’s protocol. Churches around the world have been helping by hosting me to do “The Gospel of Mark” and more recently a new production, “Nicodemus“.     If you’d like to help, contact me please. I’d love to bring thes
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Upside Down Musical

The account of Jesus, the son of God, has been called the greatest story ever told. Perhaps the second greatest would be the history of his followers, those who spread his message around the world. The Upside Down Theatre Company presents the beloved musical “Upside Down”. From a first-century prison cell, Luke tells the story of the people accused of “turning the world upside down!” Performed during the summer of 20
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Build: Carpenters and Kings

A theatrical production created by Steven Leslie Johnson and sponsored  by the Central Christian Church, BUILD: Carpenters & Kings is an original musical about the love between fathers and sons. It is the story of how a family and a faith are built; of how God chose a carpenter to raise a king! Exploring the relationship between the young Jesus and his father Joseph, this musical will leave you inspired and touch
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