via GIPHY Over 7 years ago we found out Lisa has an incurable and terminal cancer. She wasn’t supposed to make it this long, much less be thriving as she is. We’re God believing folks so we thank the Lord and all that, but we know that the protocol she’s on is a life source. Created by a dear friend who passed away year before last, the enzyme therapy that has been blessing Lisa isn’t covered
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Stark Street Waterfalls and the old Richardson Guzzi.

I live on Peacock Lane, four blocks sandwiched between Belmont and Stark. If I head north out of my driveway and take a right turn on Stark, in about 15 minutes I’m on one of the most scenic country lanes you’ll ever see. Before hitting the Stark Street Bridge at the eastern most end of the road, you’ll pass at least 3 small, yet very picturesque, waterfalls. I bought this bike from Dave Richardson
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Skunk to Whodathunk

Well, it’s almost my birthday and a holiday for most folks, so allow me to digress into one of my favorite secular pastimes. This bike began life in 1975 as a moto guzzi 850 t3. It was the beginning of the goodbye to the old loop frames, and drum brakes, and hello to Mr. De Tomasa and front disc brakes for everybody (they’d given a front disc to police a year before on the old el dorado). Somewhere over t
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