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UPSIDEDOWN 2016! ferrara theater, st. louis… cool theater!

next year the ‘little’ musical sherwin and i wrote will be 29 years old. we’ve been invited to revive the show and produce 5 performances at the ferarra theater in st. louis during the summer of 2016. we first wrote and staged the show in 1987. over 4 hours long, we only had two live performances in boston at the famous, and ancient, boston opera house. we videotaped a matinee and evening show live
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Build: Carpenters and Kings

Build is a musical theatrical production that will bring the story of Jesus and his family to life in a way that will leave you inspired, excited, and moved. All the songs are new and were written for this production by Steve Johnson. Here is a preview:
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Odyssey to Ossoyoos

if you have one good friend you’re lucky. more than that is rare. every year at this time i take a ride with some of the best men i know; some of the best men in the world. here’s a sample of what it’s like…. [fvplayer src=”/videos/ride_with_friends.mp4″ src1=”/videos/ride_with_friends.webm” src2=”/videos/ride_with_friends.ogv” mobile=”/videos/ride_wit
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Hell and Back 2013… the “MORE!” ride with Roger Lamb

So, here’s the deal: we have 32 committed for our third annual ride…it just keeps getting bigger. Roger is joining us this year…it just keeps getting better. The cutoff was 30, but 3 of our number are not on bikes and we can squeeze the accommodations to fit that number and not a soul more. Sorry if you wanted to come and just hadn’t got around to it yet, God willing, there will be Hell and Ba
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More awesome than all who surround Him…that’s what God is (Psalm 89:7). More powerful than all who came before him…that’s who Jesus is (Matthew 3:11). More than conquerors…that’s what we are when God is for us, pity those who might be against us (Romans 8:37). More than we can ask or imagine…that’s what God is able to do according to his power that is at work in us (Eph
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one of my mom’s needs help…

i have a dear friend who also is my sister in Christ and my mother in law, Elizabeth Reese Rowe…you can find her that way on facebook, if she ever slows down enough to check her page. she has recently been diagnosed with cancer and just moved to charlotte, n.c. and is having some trouble finding disciples. that doesn’t sound quite right to me. elizabeth became a Christian almost 6 years ago in chattanooga
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our poet geoffrey owens….

I Saw in Heav’n   {for the children slain in Newtown, Connecticut}   I saw in Heav’n a famous man Who’d done some famous things. He’d built great buildings with a plan – The kind of plan that great fame brings And makes us humans proud.   I saw in Heav’n a lovely dame Who’d lived a lovely life. She’d done some things worthy of fame – The kind of fame nor grief nor strife Could ever wholly shroud.   I saw in Heav’n a
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december 18, 1977…

…december 18, 1977…well, you have to go back to february 15th of the same year. actually you have to go back to the day before easter of the year before we got married; april 17, 1976.  but if i don’t stop with this ‘you have to go back’ stuff i’ll try to get you to go all the way back to july of 1957 when a little girl was born on an air force base in sumter, south carolina. a lot
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i have a Secret Motorcycle Club (i can’t tell you anything else about it but i want you to know i have a Secret Motorcycle Club) we haven’t robbed any stagecoaches…yet… (those suckers are hard to find these days and wicked fast); we haven’t broken any of our compadres out of jail…yet…but we still hold out hope. We love words like hijinks, mayhem, and shenanigans. We don’t try to be loud, we really don’t, because we most exert effort at not exerting effort, but we just can’t stop laughing. we don’t act our age if we can avoid it and we don’t try to avoid a whole lot of things that are probably aging us; and by doing so are probably in reality slowing down our aging process if only in our hearts. We don’t all like to write that much, but we all like to read and those of us who do like to write like to write the kinds of things that when we do write the sentences usually are so long and convoluted that by the time we get near the point of actually saying what ever it was that we started to say in the first place we’ve completely wandered in a way that is similar to how we like to ride our bikes, usually without maps or watches,or calendars for that matter, and when we started out it was just to have a day or two to not have to be anywhere in particular…not that we were running from anything or hiding from anybody …that might be real cool, though…but the thought of hiding out, being out somewhere cell phones don’t even work, somewhere we’d never been in hopes that we might stumble upon some place that no one had ever been, which, though these days the chances are slim to nil that such a place exists, we’d keep looking…we will keep looking…and in the searching is much joy that those of us who like to write eagerly share the hijinks, the mayhem, the shenanigans and though wordy some of us may be, and no matter how long the sentence, same as when we ride, we don’t really get lost, just a bit bewildered from time to time. We’re not really all that into punctuation, punctuality, punctiliousness…basically any of the puncts…but we’re rather fond of ellipses, because, well, after all… You can’t join our club, not that you’d want to, but if you knew more about us you’d really want to join our club. Here’s a little more about our club…

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