The Wall

My dirty…er, dusty…friend

Laughing is one the best things in life. And friends. So when you have a friend who makes you laugh all the time life’s pretty good. That’s what this lady is for me, a long time friend who only loves God, her husband, her kids and her dog…or maybe the dog then the kids…more than she loves laughing and making people laugh.  So while I’m teaching myself how to use wp…WP… I figu
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James Robbin’s “Nine Minutes on Monday” is released…

I’ve been waiting for this book. Seriously. I’ve heard Mr. Robbins speak and, well, I’ve heard a lot of people speak and forgotten everything they said. As a minister I’m either in front of an audience or sitting in an audience most of the time and the truth is more speakers are forgettable than not. But James Robbins is captivating and when he let me know his book was available I immediately
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thank you, Robert Galofre…

” Robert, thanks for all the time you gave putting this website together. For now, I’ll be using this site for setting up the new gigs we need  to raise money for Lisa’s cancer treatment. I’m so thankful for all the help we’ve received since March of 2010 when we first found out how sick Lisa was. Since then i’ve been able to go all over the world with my buddy, John Mark and now t
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another mark malkoff laugh…

my buddy mark malkoff Here’s mark again…this time with the only humans who can upstage him…
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Rick loved my Daytona

Here’s a picture from outside Gunnison, with Rick enjoying the pleasures offered by my Triumph Daytona…  
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