one more cast member…

paul sadler

paul sadler is a good old friend and a tremendous talent. he’s a late but very welcomed addition to our cast. he’s a broadway performer and incredible man, but he is also one of the alumni of upside down ’94. welcome back brother paul!

it’s hard to believe that we’re still over 5 months away from opening night and already nearly sold out on all shows. we do have plenty of upper tier seats that continue to be gobbled up by those who missed the early bird sell off, but one of the amazing things to me is that there are only 14… 14!.. grand tier seats left. and they’re all for the sunday matinee, our grand finale performance. when these 14 are gone, we have only upper tier seats in 4 of the 5 shows. saturday matinee completely sold out and now we’re all betting on which show will be second to sell out entirely. but only 14 grand tier seats left… amazing.Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 7.35.48 PM


if you still haven’t bought a ticket, you might just need to hurry up. if i sound like a ticket salesman or worse it’s just, i still have that old preacher in me that knows it’s probably the younger people who aren’t hearing about the show. i’m hoping that they will be able to get tickets together and be inspired to remember the Lord and turn their world upside down. if you need to get a ticket here again is the link: https://upsidedowntheatre.com

Steve has been a minister for almost 5 decades; and for more than 40 years married to the wife of his youth and partner, Lisa. Steve has spoken in Madison Square Garden. He's swam the Hudson River to raise money for his favorite charity. He’s the writer, producer and director of an award winning short film. He’s an author, speaker, and father whose messages are hilarious, soulful and life changing. When he's not trying to sell, ride or make friends on a motorcycle, you can find him in Portland, Oregon where he is happily serving with the https://portlandchurch.org

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