shhhh… the last sat mat seat.

shhhh… they’re asleep in nyc. all over the east coast, dead out. midwest fading, too. this is for the west coast, maybe a pre midnight rocky mountain kid. one saturday matinee seat left.

we’re over 80% sold out. prices go up in 48 hours. and this is the last saturday matinee seat. up with the party crowd. gonna be fun. only $10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfnBmYwdTLA

this seat is for someone who wants to splurge and spend $10 just to hand a ticket to someone at the conference and say, ‘didn’t buy a ticket before you got here? have this one on me.” cause, there’s going to be over 15k people the guess at the conference and only slightly more than a third that number get to see the show.

or maybe this seat is for someone who wants to sit with a rowdy crowd they may have not met yet, cause it’s going to be fun up there. great seat. last seat.

buy at upsidedowntheatre.com

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