I have been a minister for nearly 5 decades; 39 of those years married to my best friend and partner, Lisa. In March of 2010 Lisa was diagnosed with Lymphocytic Lymphoma. According to main-stream oncologists this type of cancer is incurable and the prognosis for Lisa was grim. Having been friends with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez for nearly 20 years, Lisa immediately began his protocol which has so far proven to be successful in preventing the cancer from progressing. In 2015 we were saddened when Dr. Gonzalez passed away. Since then Lisa has been in the care of Dr. Gonzalez’s partner, Dr. Linda Isaacs https://www.drlindai.com   The treatment is not covered by insurance, so to raise the funds necessary for the protocol, I performed a one man show, According to Mark, all over the world. Nicodemus was introduced to an audience of 2000 at a conference in San Antonio in the summer of 2012 and booked performances around the world. In 2014 I wrote the musical, “Build”. That show was staged in Singapore where it was seen by over 7000 people. I’ve now produced a new show with my friend Sherwin Mackintosh and our children –  “Upside Down”. Staged in July of  2016, we’ve made  a revival of the show which we first began writing nearly 30 years ago. Visit https://www.upsidedowntheatre.com for more info. “Build” can now be viewed for free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWXF6oMJ48g&t=38s