The Wall

november 24, 2016

you know, i’ve been a preacher since i was a kid. a little church in missouri hired me as their full time preacher the year before i left for college. we ended up having about 100 people on a big day… 80 was the average i think. since then i’ve had over 40 years of reading faces. not that i’m all that good at it, but you can usually spot the people who aren’t with you. and it’s har
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our brother Kevin…

at least once a year kevin and i get to celebrate a birthday at his favorite restaurant, Davidson’s. http://www.davidsonscasualdining.com he usually has a party on or near his birthday. if i miss that party then it goes without saying, we have to make it up. sometimes it’s my birthday. like last night. and when we go to Davidson’s there’s no doubt what kevin is going to have: the gigantic gree
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Jesus Is Coming Soon!!!

Jesus, as played by Andre McRae, is coming soon! Our DVD is just about here… really. You Facebook guys can keep your eyes on https://www.facebook.com/groups/upsidedownmusical2016/ or https://www.facebook.com/upsidedowntheatre/?fref=ts  and if you haven’t  hit ‘like’ yet, please, c’mon! And please keep your eyes on https://www.upsidedowntheatre.com . That’s where you can find your D
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Please help me share something freely with the world…

Please bear with me and read this whole love story, but if you don’t have time, just do this for me if you would please: lisa and i with the help of John and Karen Louis and a bunch of other friends from the SEA region of our fellowship want to share something for free with the whole world, so if you would help all you have to do is share this link to everybody everywhere all the time: https://www.youtube.com/w
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Pray for our friend

Speech Thomas is truly many things. He’s truly a tremendous talent. He’s truly a celebrity. He’s truly accomplished. But if you know him, you know he’s truly a follower of Jesus. And he’s never said ‘no’ to helping his brothers and sisters when asked to appear, to perform, to help out… if he was able to. Now is a time our dear friend needs our prayers. I asked Yolanda a
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The Upside Down Ministry

This is our dream… For over thirty years we’ve wandered, much like the Israelites in the desert; and we’ve wondered “what would happen if we could expose the whole world to the Jesus Christ who inspired a ragged band of simple folk to turn their world upside down?” What would happen if not hundreds… …or thousands… … or millions… …but Billions of people could be inspired by the power of: Turning the other cheek? Going
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The Attempt: Day 28

Let’s begin with a prayer: Our Father in heaven, We come to you with love and respect; asking for forgiveness, thanking you for grace. Please be with us in these coming weeks as you have in the past. Help us to glorify you and move hearts to remember your son. And thank you for blessing this attempt we’ve made at reaching out to you and one another through reading scripture together. Thank you for the pow
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The Attempt: Day 27

I asked if any of our friends of the cast would like to say a prayer for us here. I was so happy to hear from my Portland friend Michelle Kern. Michelle and her husband, Don, are disciples back home and also two of my motorcycle buddies. Michelle is going to open our devotional for us today: Lord I pray for all those you have chosen, for us whom you have found worthy of your calling. That through your glory we will b
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The Attempt: Day 26

Let’s open with a prayer. Josh Archer has asked to pray. Josh plays John Mark, a young man when we first see him; a son in the faith to Peter, and eventually the author of the gospel of Mark. Holy father, We come before you to glorify your name. Please bless this production and make miracles happen. Be with everyone’s health, and be with their spirit. Thank you so much for the positivity surrounding our u
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