https://www.youtube.com/c/UpsideDownTheatre We finally have our custom url from youtube. Beginning August 8th, we will be making our show Upside Down 2016 free for viewing on our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/UpsideDownTheatre and on vimeo. Please subscribe to our channel and share our musical with everyone you know.  
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THE SECOND MILE CLUB: Amping up Launch!

Thanks if you subscribed to our youtube channel where our musical can soon be viewed for free: http://youtube.com/upsidedowntheatre Now, if you want to go THE SECOND MILE please help us amplify our launch by thunderclapping the sucker! Check this out please: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/59805-upside-down-theatre-youtube  
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Old men and Old bikes and Old truths…

<> Lisa and I are in New York for her bi-annual doctor’s visit. This trip is a little more relaxed than usual. Our hosts, Cmack and Tenetia, are always gracious and for nearly 8 years now have made their home our home. We have a room that’s about as comfortable as you can get and wifi. Ahhh, yeah, wifi. So I keep working on getting subscribers to my youtube channel and looking forward to driving int
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youtube subscriptions and other follies…

I have two youtube channels. If I start one more I’d have as many channels as my TV did when I was a kid. And probably about as many viewers as 7,11, and 4 did in my little community of Bethlehem, Arkansas. No, not really, even back then and out in the middle of a soy bean field more old farmers watched Lawrence Welk than my limited viewers watch me. One of my channels is http://youtube.com/stevenlesliejohnson
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Sorry and thanks and Merry Christmas!

I think that’s the correct order. So sorry for not being able to make things happen faster. So thankful for your love, support and patience. And best of all, Merry Christmas! I have two things I’d like to be sure you see. First the offer for getting a free CD if you buy an DVD now: Second, the note I posted on Facebook: hey guys. to all of you who bought the “Upside Down 2016 DVD”… thank
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Jesus Is Coming Soon!!!

Jesus, as played by Andre McRae, is coming soon! Our DVD is just about here… really. You Facebook guys can keep your eyes on https://www.facebook.com/groups/upsidedownmusical2016/ or https://www.facebook.com/upsidedowntheatre/?fref=ts  and if you haven’t  hit ‘like’ yet, please, c’mon! And please keep your eyes on https://www.upsidedowntheatre.com . That’s where you can find your D
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an invitation to turn the world upside down.

Here is a sample of the kind of invitation that I’m hoping will be shared in every nation where internet access is available: invites for show You are invited: To share in an event that might possibly change your life. Please join me for a viewing of “Upside Down”, the musical seen all over the world, broadcast LIVE from it’s off off Broadway run at the Ferrara Theatre in St. Louis. Time: July 8th, 2016 at 8pm
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Why we really need your help to turn the world upside down.

Last week I sent this note to several of my friends asking for help, especially members of our fellowship, the International churches of Christ. In the note I explain in detail what we’re hoping to accomplish with the “Upside Down 2016” musical. Now, I’m sharing that same letter with you and asking for your help. Next month we are going to attempt to turn the world upside down; with an event t
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The Attempt: Day 1

attempt |əˈtem(p)t| verb [ with obj. ] make an effort to achieve or complete (something, typically a difficult task or action): she attempted a comeback in 2016; try to climb to the top of (a mountain); the group’s next plan was to attempt Everest. noun an act of trying to achieve something, typically one that is unsuccessful or not certain to succeed: an effort to surpass a record or conquer a mountain: we mad
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