The Wall


We’re not all that far from Harry Potter’s “DAILY PROPHET” newspaper. I can take a motorcycle ride in the afternoon and bring home some video, which that same night I can turn into a GIF… Graphics Interchange Format. Graphics Interchange Format, first created in 1987, are about to be a thing of the past. I know, because if I can tell you what a technical acronym stands for it’s got
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Stark Street Waterfalls and the old Richardson Guzzi.

I live on Peacock Lane, four blocks sandwiched between Belmont and Stark. If I head north out of my driveway and take a right turn on Stark, in about 15 minutes I’m on one of the most scenic country lanes you’ll ever see. Before hitting the Stark Street Bridge at the eastern most end of the road, you’ll pass at least 3 small, yet very picturesque, waterfalls. I bought this bike from Dave Richardson
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Holy Mondays

Lisa and I are moving towards our 40th anniversary. Hey, it’s not until December, but this is a special year and you just can’t celebrate too much. For almost 40 years we’ve tried to use Mondays as our catch up and personal day. We’ve been in the ministry all of our lives and what for some folks might be a day, or weekend, off, Saturday and Sunday are usually busier working hours for us. So ma
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“We just wanted Jesus to hold our child. I guess you’d say I thought it would be like for a blessing, for good luck… you know… Jesus is more than a rock star or governor or Santa Claus. Or High Priest even.  And just try to get one of those guys attention, that is, if you’re not doing something wrong. “Anyway, we stood in line a long time but before we could get our turn a couple o
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Scott Green Day… month… year….

today is Scott Green day. I’ll continue to keep Scott in my prayers, as are so many… Scott is one of the more amazing disciples of Christ I’ve known. God gave him a great heart … brain… and right now it’s his brain that needs some prayers. I’ve never known anyone who accomplished what I watched, from a distance, Scott accomplish and as time and circumstances have changed, Lyn
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For White’s Only

I have loved ones who aren’t white and they’re afraid that their children are going to get hurt. Because they’re not white. I’ll repeat this sentence a little later on. It’s important. I hate fear and I bet you do too, and I bet that you’d do anything you could to keep children from being hurt. That’s what I’m really talking about. I’m sorry if the title is offensive. I
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Happy 70th Birthday!

Today my friend, father in law and partner, Albert (Buzz) Banadyga, turns 70 years young. Happy birthday youngster. Here’s to 70 more!
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Daily Bread

“Give us this day our daily bread…” I’ve been saying that prayer since I was child. And seems like it’s been answered with a ‘yes’ my whole life; not only for me but for my family, and especially for Lisa. In her case, it’s Dave’s Killer Bread, Powerseed, that makes it possible for her to have toast or a sandwich. Most breads, even the organic ones, are sweetened
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Sorry and thanks and Merry Christmas!

I think that’s the correct order. So sorry for not being able to make things happen faster. So thankful for your love, support and patience. And best of all, Merry Christmas! I have two things I’d like to be sure you see. First the offer for getting a free CD if you buy an DVD now: Second, the note I posted on Facebook: hey guys. to all of you who bought the “Upside Down 2016 DVD”… thank
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