The Wall

a Frankenbike.

so, the engine is a 1974 bmw r90/6. that was the last year for a kick start on the left side. but the frame is a 1975 r75 and the tank is an older /5 of some sort. it’s got san jose pieces on it: fork stiffener, clamp on the triple tree; reinforced swingarm. it’s got a clear title, but it’s listed as a 1976. numbers don’t match. but i don’t really care. it runs like it’s brand new.
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my buddy rick biordi is the best guitarist who’s ever let me play beside him. now, i’ve had some great friends i consider great guitarist. and i’ve known some great guitarist who are barely more than acquaintances. but rick is both a friend to me and a fiend on the guitar. he’s trying to get people on Facebook to ‘like’ his band page. he asked me to help. i’m going to be need
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feliz cumpleaños, chamo!

this is my amigo, robert galofre. the guy in front of him is my buddy, too; charles. but this is about robert. it’s his birthday. i’m not sure how old robert is. i ask him all the time. he tells me. i forget. he’s been 30 something for about all of the 10 years i’ve known him. i think he’s 72, but he must be really only about 39 now. 39? am i close chamo? robert is many things. he’
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To all of our ticket holders: THANK YOU! We’ve crossed the 5000 tickets sold milestone! And the show is still over 6 months away. But ticket prices will go up, and as you can see, after the last few mezzanine seats are sold at the Sunday matinee, only Grand Tier and Upper Tier seats remain. Because students are often the most strapped for money, and not always the first to buy tickets, we’re calling on al
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we never named the rock

only now, after all these years, do i realize we never named the rock. of course, we haven’t been the kind of people who had a name for everything. now that i think about it, my kids are lucky they got names. but the rock has been with us since july 18, 1977. i’ve carried it from the dried up river bed to the car, inside the house on lisa gaye lane; to our first apartment on houston street in chattanooga;
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what will come first? sold out mezzanine or 5000?

the last 34 mezzanine seats; 22 on the left side and these 12 on the right. other than wheel chair accessible, these are the last ‘on the floor’ seats for Upside Down 2016. http://upsidedowntheatre.com and we’re only 32 tickets away from having sold 5000 seats since making them available at the end of last september. thx to all of you who’ve already got your seats. early birds. one more week o
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Selling tickets and stuff…

i’ve never considered myself a good salesman. people have often said i could sell ice to an… and the rest of that saying is racist; which just goes to show, people often don’t know what they’re talking about and shouldn’t be saying what they’re saying. i probably should hear what i just wrote and stop now, but i’m like most people. (Buy Tickets: http://upsidedowntheatre.com f
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The Upside Down Theatre Company Website

When Sherwin and I first wrote Upside Down only a few very tech savvy people were using the internet. The year was 1987 and for sure, I’d never heard of http:// or .com or spam–  and wouldn’t understand it if someone tried to explain it to me. Not that I understand it now, but; I do have a website. Actually, two, and after all these years Sherwin and I, along with our kids, are launching a theatre c
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Introducing the Cast of Upside Down 2016!

The wait is over! Our team is pleased to finally announce the cast of our revival production of Upside Down 2016. We’re excited to introduce you to the incredibly talented performers who will be bringing our tale to life and inspiring you to remember the Lord. Get ready to turn the world Upside Down! Click on any photo below to enlarge images!  
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